For over three decades, National Title Agency has been the preferred choice for New Jersey lenders of all scales. With our history and expertise at National Title Agency our clients who are New Jersey Lenders have entrusted us with their closing services. Our paramount commitment to you is the assurance that settlement delays or cancellations due to title issues will never hinder your operations. NTA’s innovative model and proactive platform are designed to preemptively eliminate surprises that might lead to postponed or canceled closings. This dedication to foresight and preparedness underpins our standing as lenders’ preferred title insurer. Our focus on meticulous detail, exceptional flexibility, and an accommodating work environment underscores our reputation for delivering swift, seamless, and hassle-free experiences.

Why We Excel as the Premier Choice for Lending Institutions:

Advanced Online Tools: Empower your decisions with our suite of online tools encompassing a Mortgage Calculator, GFE Estimator, PMI Calculator, and Debt to Income Estimator. Gain valuable insights into Title Fees, Transfer Tax, Recording Fees, and more.

Effortless Online Ordering: Initiate orders with ease in real time, from any location and at any time, through our user-friendly online platform.

Flexible Closings: Our closing services are tailored to your convenience, accommodating your schedule with flexible hours and accessible locations.

Prompt Title Commitments: Experience efficiency firsthand with completed Title Commitments promptly delivered within 72 hours of placing your order.

Title Summary Alert Report: Receive critical condition alerts and vital information requiring immediate attention, offering insights without delving into the entire title commitment.

Efficient Lien Resolution: All questionable liens are addressed and cleared within 72 hours upon receiving your commitment.

Transparent Closing Disclosures: Receive fully comprehensive Closing Disclosures 48 hours prior to settlement, providing ample time for thorough review.

Extended Settlement Hours: With our doors open six days a week and 14-hour workdays, we synchronize with your preferences and commitments.

Tailored Packages for Brokers and Investors: Brokers receive essential documents via email, with checks promptly delivered within 24 hours post-closing. Investor mortgage packages are meticulously compiled, error-free, complete, and well-organized within 24 hours following settlement.

Timely Policy Delivery: Policies are delivered within 30 days after closing, solidifying our commitment to timely service.

Electronic Data Preservation (EDP): Rest assured with the secure retention of all closing documents through our Electronic Data Preservation system.

Comprehensive Processing by LF Enterprises:

  • Deed preparation
  • Power of Attorneys
  • Subordinations
  • Surveys
  • Well/septic certifications
  • Termite certifications
  • Certificates of occupancy
  • Fire inspections
  • Mortgage and judgment pay-offs
  • Association dues processing
  • Foreclosure searches
  • Current/last owner searches

At National Title Agency, we simplify and enhance your lending processes. Backed by a proactive approach, cutting-edge tools, and a commitment to excellence, we are your steadfast partner on your lending journey in New Jersey.

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