At National Title Agency, we recognize how our services for can help New Jersey Attorneys with needs for a meticulous, error-free service. Our proactive model, advanced platform, and unwavering attention to detail seamlessly guide you from title commitment issuance to closing, ensuring a clean, swift, and hassle-free experience that you can rely on.

Why Attorneys Choose National Title Agency:

Empowering Online Tools: Utilize our suite of online tools including the Title Cost Estimator, Transfer Tax Calculator, and Recording Fee Estimator. These tools enhance your decision-making process by providing accurate cost estimates.

Effortless Online Ordering: Place orders conveniently in real time from anywhere, streamlining your workflow.

Order Tracking: Keep tabs on your orders around the clock with our online tracking system, allowing you to stay informed at all times.

Flexible Closings: Our commitment to convenience extends to flexible closing options. We ensure your comfort with adaptable closing hours, anytime and anywhere.

Prompt Title Commitments: Experience efficiency firsthand as completed Title Commitments are delivered within a mere 72 hours of order placement.

Transparent Closing Disclosures: For thorough preparation, we distribute fully completed Closing Disclosures to all parties for approval and edits a generous 48 hours prior to settlement.

Efficient Lien Resolution: We address all open or questionable liens promptly, ensuring clarity within 72 hours of receiving your commitment.

Extended Settlement Hours: With a work schedule designed to accommodate yours, we remain open six days a week with 14-hour workdays.

Electronic Data Preservation (EDP): Trust in our EDP system for the secure retention of all your loan documentation, providing easy access whenever you need it.

Optional Escrow Services: Should you require them, we offer escrow services upon request.

Thorough Processing Done by NLF:

  • Deed preparation
  • Ordered surveys
  • Well/septic certifications
  • Termite certifications
  • Certificates of occupancy
  • Fire inspections
  • Mortgage and judgement pay-offs
  • Association dues processing
  • Foreclosure searches
  • Current/last owner searches.

At National Title Agency, we simplify your journey by providing seamless and efficient processes. Our proactive model and unwavering commitment to quality empower attorneys across New Jersey to navigate their title needs with confidence.

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