RealtorRealtors: We understand that time is a valuable commodity. Your time is best spent marketing real estate, bring buyer and seller together, negotiating price,  and expanding your network. Put your closing services with us and you can focus on making money and keeping your clients happy.

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What Makes Us The Best Choice For Real Estate Professionals…

On Line Tools: Mortgage Calculator, GFE Estimator, PMI calculator, Debt to Income Estimator. Title Fees, Transfer Tax, Recording Fees and Much More

Online Ordering: Real time, Anyplace , through NTA’s unique online system

Closing: Convenient, Accommodating and Flexible  Anytime,  Anyplace, Anywhere

Title Commitments: Completed and delivered within 72 hours of placing your order.

Quick Clear: All open or questionable liens are addressed/cleared within 72 hours of receipt of your commitment.

 Settlement Hours: Open 6 Days Per Week & 14 Hour Work Days

Closing Disclosures: Fully completed and distributed to all parties 48 hours  prior to settlement.

Escrow Services: available upon request.

EDP Electronic Data Preservation: retention of all your closing documents

ProcessingHandled through LF Enterprises processing includes:

• Deed preparation
• Surveys processed
• Well/Septic certifications
• Termite certifications
• Certificate of occupancy
• Fire inspections
• Pay-offs ordered mortgage & judgments
• Association dues: processed

* Final water readings

* Seller and Buyer  processing