bankerLenders: For over 20 years lenders of every size have been trusting their closing services to National Title Agency. Our commitment to you is to  never delay or postpone a settlement due to title issues.  NTA’s model and proactive platform eliminate any surprises that would cause a closing to be cancelled or postponed.. Our  attention to detail,flexibility and accommodating work platform is one of the top reasons that we are the chosen title insurer of lenders. Fast, Easy, and Hassel Free

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What Makes Us The Best Choice For Lending Institutions…

On Line Tools: Mortgage Calculator, GFE Estimator, PMI calculator, Debt to Income Estimator. Title Fees, Transfer Tax, Recording Fees and Much More

Convenient Online Ordering: Real time from anywhere and anytime

Closings:  Convenient, Accommodating and Flexible hours Anytime ,Anyplace  Anywhere.

Title Commitments: Completed and delivered within 72 hours of placing your order.

Title Summary Alert Report:: provides critical conditions, and  information that require immediate attention without reading the entire title commitment.

Quick Clear:  All open or questionable liens  are addressed/cleared within 72 hours of receipt of your commitment.

Closing Disclosure: Fully complete in 48 hours prior to settlement for your review

 Settlement Hours: Open 6 Days Per Week & 14 Hour Work Days. Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere

Brokers Packages: Brokers required documents e mailed and checks delivered within 24 hours after closing.

Investors Mortgage Packages: Delivered error free,complete and well organized within 24 hours after settlement.

Policies: Delivered within 30 days after closing.

EDP Electronic Data Preservation:  Retention of all your closing documents

Processing – Handled through LF Enterprises, processing includes:

• Deed preparation

*Power of Attorneys

* Subordinations
• Surveys
• Well/Septic certifications
• Termite certifications
• Certificate of occupancy
• Fire inspections
• Pay-offs for mortgage & judgments

*Subordinations procssed
• Association dues: processed
• Foreclosure searches
• Current owner/Last owner searches

Closing Disclosures: Fully complete in 48 hours prior to settlement